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Artilan, a reliable product

Profile of Artilan

Artilan manufactures and sells high-quality aluminium products, in which innovation, safety and user-friendliness always comes first.

over-artilan.pngFor three generations Artilan develops, renews and improves its aluminium scaffolding applications, in order to ensure the client more lighter, safer and manageable products.

By the quality, the years of experience, the expert of knowledge, combined with the experience of the customer, Artilan is qualified by its clients as a premium brand.

We work with the best materials and experienced personnel. The production is entirely in our own hands. The aluminium we use is made of high quality, which is also used in the aviation industry. This makes Artilan products extremely light and yet amazingly strong.

Artilan guarantees quality materials. The best material for both large and small projects.

Our wide range of standard products allows you to safely and quickly get your job done. Additionally, the products of Artilan are interchangeable, which makes it even more functional for the user; you or your staff. Because of the interchangeability of the different systems you can create the proper application for almost every different project.

Our standard range consists of:

  • Triangular Bridge Systems Triangelbrug®
  • (mobile) Scaffold towers
  • Through walk systems (= bridge sections Triangelbrug® between (mobile) scaffold towers)
  • Weather protection systems
  • Roof edge protection
  • Dormer accessibility
  • Gutter rail
  • Light (trusses) bridges

Furthermore, you can also contact us for custom made designs,for repairs, for adjustments and for inspection of aluminium material. Inspection only in the Netherlands and in Flanders. The Artilan products meets the applicable standards, laws and regulations. The scaffolding materials conforms to EN1004, EN1298, EN12811 and the working bridges Triangelbrug® are GS certified.

This means that we use European standards, which you can use in all systems that also conform to these standards!!