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Artilan Light (trusses) bridges

Aluminium light (trusses) bridges

Trust-1.jpgArtilan has aluminium trusses of various sizes in its range.

The most common type of trusses are:

  • Type 25 with a width of 0,25 metres.
  • Type 40 with a width of 0,40 metres.

These types are manufactured in standard lengths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres. Larger lengths are also available on request. Moreover, Artilan can deliver a variety of couplings and adapters, so with the Artilan trusses you’ll have almost a unlimited number of structural applications within your reach


Theatres, concerts and on fashion events often use our trusses.

Type 25 is mainly used for light bridges, while type 40 is primarily used for supporting constructions and for light bridges with extra supporting power. 

Because of the high-tech look and high quality finish Artilan trusses are widely used on business fairs, exhibitions, shows and for shop fitting.



Besides the standard types, the following types of Trusses are also available upon request:

  • Type 57 with a width of 0,57 metres.
  • Type 72 with a width of 0,72 metres.
  • Type 90 with a width of 0,90 metres.

These trusses are also in any desired length available. The big trusses are typically used for heavier structural applications.