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Artilan Through walk systems

Useful combination

artilan doorloopsysteem werkbruggen triangelbrug tussen steiger torens scaffold (32).jpg

The Artilan Through walk system is a combination of Artilan (mobile) scaffold towers with the bridge sections units Triangelbrug®.
The Artilan Through walk system is a very good alternative for the flat bridge and/or the slide board. Artilan bridge sections Triangelbrug® are perfect to hang between Artilan (mobile) scaffold towers by linking the bridge sections to the scaffold towers with the special, by Artilan developed, (Claw) Adapter set.

This system is very usefull for projects requiring a big span. For example renovations, low-rise and high-rise buildingwork, exterior insulation. It is also extremely well suited for work in areas with difficult access, like above a swimming pool, large conservatory, extension or in production halls and in manufactories.


Artilan Claw adapter setartilan-Klauwverloopset-Claw-adapter-set.png

  • To hang Artilan bridge sections between 2 Artilan scaffold towers OR between your own scaffold towers.
  • Maximum bridge section span between 2 scaffold towers is
    12 metres.
  • This set consists of 2x right part + 2x left part, so one set is for
    2 scaffold towers.


Artilan Adapter set SMALL / LARGE including 4 pieces guardrail tubesdoorloop.png

  • To hang Artilan bridge sections between 2 Artilan scaffold towers OR between your own scaffold towers.
  • Maximum bridge section span between 2 scaffold towers is
    17 metres
     including this Adapter set.


NOTE: You like to use your own scaffold towers to hang the artilan bridge sections Triangelbrug® with the Artilan (Claw) adapter set:

Only permitted if your supplier or manufacturer guatantees in writing that your scaffold towers also meets the NEN-EN1004 Standard and the tubes does not exceed the     Ø 51mm. With this written you can hang the Artilan bridge sections Triangelbrug® safely between your own scaffold towers, by using the Artilan (Claw) Adapter set.

Specific advantagesartilan doorloopsysteem werkbruggen triangelbrug tussen steigertorens (7).jpg

  • Relatively quick and easy to erect. For example 40 metre span within 2 hours at a height of 4 metres assembled and ready to use.
  • Extremely well suited for carrying out work in areas with difficult access.
  • Maximum span between two scaffold towers is 17 metres with a maximum working height of 22 metres, provided that the scaffold towers are firmly anchored to the wall. Linking further is possible, so 34 metre or 100 metre span can be made with this system.
  • Reduced climing time.
  • Use of the system has proved that painting companies and glazers typically can achieve an increase in productivity of up to 60%.
  • Without special measures the Artilan Through walk system can be provided with the Artilan weather protection system, which makes working in the rain possible and it means maximum number of working days. (note: in this situation scaffolds have to be firmly anchored to the wall at all time).