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Welcome to Artilan BV

Hello & welcome to Artilan

Looking for solid, safe and manageable aluminium scaffolding, you've come to the right place at Artilan BV. Whether it's standard products, such as (mobile) scaffold towers, triangular Bridge System Triangelbrug®, weather protection systems, aluminium roof applications, or custom made products anything is possible at Artilan.

Our goal is to offer you very safe, highly efficient and lightweight aluminium products.

The interchange ability of parts between the Artilan systems can be possible, so you do not have to work with different stacks of aluminium scaffolding, or with small loose parts, which can only get lost.

We know very well that each project is different.

To show how diverse Artilan products can be applied in practice, we highlighted a selection of projects which have been carried out by our clients, and/or by Artilan, and/or by a+ verhuur.


Furthermore, you can also contact us for repairs, for adjustments and for inspection of aluminium material (inspection only in the Netherlands and in Flanders). The Artilan products meets the applicable standards, laws and regulations. The scaffolding materials conforms to EN1004, EN1298, EN12811 and the working bridges Triangelbrug® are GS certified.

This means that we use European standards, which you can use in all systems that also conform to these standards!!