Established in 1972, we design, develop, test, improve and manufacture high-quality aluminium products and scaffolding applications that are not only safe but also durable and functional. They are made for every job and project and designed to last a lifetime.


In 1993, we revolutionised the field of scaffolding with the innovation of the Artilan Triangle Bridge® work platform system, which makes work at height for painters, plumbers, roofers, (façade) renovation companies, construction companies, solar panel companies and many other industries much easier, faster and safer.


And we continue to improve our range with advanced functionality and new products, ensuring you work with the best equipment on every job and at every height, now and in the future. Quality products from the Netherlands. Everything, including production, is in our own hands, which means one contact person for you, short lines of communication and solid, reliable Dutch-built scaffolding systems.


The aluminium we use is made of the same high quality as that used in the aircraft industry. This makes Artilan products extremely light yet amazingly strong. Our material is also 100% recyclable. Artilan has been a totally Dutch company for three generations.

About our quality standards

The range

Artilan guarantees solid materials: the best for both your large and small projects. Our wide range of scaffolding components ensures that you can complete your job safely and quickly. In addition, the Artilan products are interchangeable, which makes the scaffolding systems even more functional for you and/or your personnel. Because of the interchangeability of the various systems and products, you can create the right application for almost any project.


Our standard range consists of:


Work bridge systems Triangle Bridge® (also applicable against and on roofs)

Rapid response (mobile) scaffolding (with and without dormer console)

All products that the systems consist of can be expanded with

Protection systems

Trusses (light bridges)

Walk-through systems

You can also come to us for custom work, repairs, modifications and replacements of aluminium parts. Artilan products comply with the applicable laws and standards. The scaffolding material of course, complies with EN1004-1, EN1298 and EN12811-1, A-sheet Rolling Scaffolds, and the work bridges are GS-certified.

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