Artilan sets high-quality standards for all products supplied. Our scaffolding materials, therefore, meet all applicable standards so that you can work safely at height. Furthermore, we offer a warranty on all Artilan welding. We are happy to tell you more about the quality of our materials; read more about it here or contact us without obligation.


Our scaffolding components are made of light, durable, high-quality recyclable materials. Each Artilan product is designed, manufactured and tested with great care and attention. We ensure that all our scaffolding material complies with the applicable requirements. In addition, the parts are regularly checked during and after the various processes. Before our material leaves the factory, it is checked again, inspected and provided with an inspection sticker and instructions for use.


We give a 7-year warranty on the welding work, provided it is used in accordance with the instructions and with judicious use.

All our quotations, all orders placed with us and all contracts concluded with us are subject exclusively to the General Sale & Delivery Conditions of Artilan, as deposited with the Chamber of Commerce in Tilburg, the Netherlands, as per the latest text deposited there.


EN1004-1, EN1298, EN12811-1 and A-sheet Rolling scaffolds and can be GS-certified (standards can be found at NEN and A-sheet at Volandis)


NEN-EN 1004-1: "Mobile scaffolds, assembled from prefabricated components". This standard deals with the components of rolling scaffolds and their interrelationships.

NEN-EN 1298: "Mobile scaffolds, rules and a guide for the preparation of instructions for assembly and use". This standard describes the instructions for assembly and the requirements for use.

NEN-EN 12811-1: This standard deals with temporary auxiliary structures for construction sites regarding performance requirements and general design.

A-sheet Rolling scaffolds: Health and safety information sheet about the construction, use and maintenance of a rolling scaffold in accordance with the latest technology and the applicable laws and regulations.

Artilan has an additional certification: GSBau-01064 (Triangel Bridge®).


Because we use European standards, you can use our products in all systems that also meet these standards.

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