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Artilan has a wide range of aluminium scaffolding components, which ensures that you can get your job done safely and quickly. Most Artilan products are interchangeable, which makes the systems even more functional; you can therefore create the right application for almost any project. Artilan scaffolding ensures that you can work at height safely and efficiently. If you like to know more about one of our products? Then contact us without obligation.

Triangle bridge®

Nothing beats an Artilan Triangle Bridge®, made of strong and very light aluminium. The system is safe, simple to use, and easy to assemble and dismantle. The Artilan Triangle Bridge® offers you the most varied work bridge span, regardless of the project.

Often copied but never equalled. Choose the well-thought-out original; opt for the Artilan Triangle Bridge®.


The Artilan Triangle Bridge® can be combined with Artilan Rapid Repositioning Scaffolding Towers or with your own scaffolding towers, provided they comply with the EN1004-1 standard. You can also combine the system with the Artilan shield system, which makes it possible to work in the rain.

The Triangle Bridge® work bridge system can also be used for roofing work.


Using the Triangle Bridge® saves a lot of climbing time. Plumbers, renovation companies and painters can achieve a productivity increase of 45% or more.

You no longer need to fill the entire façade with scaffolding material. With Artilan Triangle Bridge® you build your work floor only where you need it.

The advantages:

  • Quick and easy to assemble.

  • 5m within ±10 minutes and 12m within ±23 minutes and ready for use.

  • Doors and windows on the ground floor remain free to use. The floor is where you need it.

  • Existing garden fences, bay windows, shelters, ponds, swimming pools, etc. are no longer a problem.

  • Minimal inconvenience to residents.

  • Low burglary sensitivity.

  • Very solid, GS-certified construction.

  • Quality hand winch CE.

  • The work bridge span can be clicked into the system just above the ground and winched to the desired floor height, complete with base plates and handrails (also available with ladder passage).


Technical information:

  • Very lightweight, so that you can comply with the ARBO at any time.

  • Maximum work bridge span on 2 uprights (legs) is 12½m.

  • Uprights are available in type 1½ to 2¼ (Traditional), model Phoenix with hand winch in type 3 to 5m and type 4 to 7m.

  • Minimum/maximum floor height of the upright is adjustable per 22 cm.

  • Work bridge spans of 5 and 6 m are ideal for carrying out work on a single-family house.

  • The work bridge sections are available as standard in 1 - 2 - 2½ - 3 - 4 - 5 and 6m work bridge sections.

  • A combination of gantry spans can be achieved.

  • Maximum weight on the bridge with a 12m span is 700 kg, evenly distributed.

  • Easy to secure by placing a lock on the locking pin.

  • Current models, also in the future, of course, interchangeable with the first models from 1993.

Assembly instructions


Artilan aluminium mobile scaffolds are characterised by the fact that they are very light-weight and yet very strong due to the high-quality aluminium tube material.


The rolling scaffold consists of a limited number of parts, which makes the scaffolding easy to handle, transport and erect. Also available with and/or separately is the dormer console. For both indoor and outdoor projects. Suitable for every job. Proven quality since 1972!


For existing customers who do not yet work in accordance with the regulations for the erection of mobile scaffolds (in force since 2018).

Please contact us; we will be pleased to help you.


  • Very lightweight aluminium.

  • No loose, small parts.

  • Aluminium rungs of the frames are fully anti-slip.

  • Artilan platform is standard equipped with an anti-slip floor, the platform hatch with a self-closing lock and a double blow-up safety device.

  • Available with adjustable double braking wheels (maximum load 800kg) or with adjustable foot spindles.

  • Standard aluminium toe board.

  • Artilan walkthrough frame, perfect for linking scaffolding systems and can be combined with the Artilan Triangle Bridge®.

  • The Artilan cover system for the Artilan mobile scaffold tower allows you to work comfortably in the rain.

Technical information: 

  • Standard frame size (widths in cm): model 72 - 100 - 140.

  • Standard platform size (lengths in cm): model 172 - 246 - 307.

  • In addition to the standard frame sizes, custom sizes are also available.

  • Walk-through frames available in standard and non-standard sizes.

  • Maximum height 22m indoors and outdoors, if anchored.

  • Maximum load 150kg per m2 platform surface, class 2.

  • Assembly complies with EN1004-1, EN1298 and A-sheet Rolling Scaffolds.


This system is a very practical combination of the Artilan rolling scaffold system and the Artilan Triangle Bridge®.

A perfect and safe alternative to the flat bridge and/or sliding board.

Can reach a maximum work bridge span of 17m between 2 scaffold towers with the Artilan extension sets specially developed by Artilan.



For projects where a large span is required. For example, renovations, exterior insulation, low & high-rise buildings and for performing work in difficult-to-reach places, such as above a swimming pool, large conservatory, extension or in production halls.


  • Relatively quick to assemble. In 2½ hours, a 40-metre work bridge span at a height of 4 metres can be erected and ready for use.

  • Suitable for carrying out work in places that are difficult to reach.

  • Because the Artilan overhead travelling system can be assembled relatively quickly, it can save a great deal of time when it comes to climbing. For painters, for example, this can mean at least a 35% increase in efficiency and for plumbers, for example, a 60% increase in time.

Technical information: 

  • If the supplier of your own (mobile) scaffolding can provide you with a written guarantee that your scaffolding also complies with the EN1004-1 standard, then you can safely attach the Artilan Triangle Bridge® work bridges between your own scaffolding using the Artilan (Claw) Interchange Set.

  • The Artilan Clawlink set consists of 2x right part + 2x left part; so one set is for between 2 scaffolding towers. Maximum working bridge span with Artilan folding set between 2 scaffolding towers is 12m.

  • Artilan Banister set incl. 4 pieces of guardrail tube. With the Artilan extension set, the maximum work bridge span between 2 scaffold towers is 16m, 17m if the extension set is included.

Assembly instructions


Artilan has developed innovative solutions for safe and comfortable working in the rain:

Artilan guardrail for the Artilan triangular bridge system

 Artilan guard for the Artilan mobile scaffold system

 Artilan guardrails free standing: for ground level


  • Seams are welded and prevent water seepage.

  • Any scaffolding system to which a guard is fitted must be anchored at all times.

  • Minimum number of components. This means that the system is clear, easy to use and can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

  • The Velcro guards are of heavy-duty quality. This ensures a long life with normal use.

  • The curtains are also NOT flame retardant.

  • The curtains are easy to connect.

  • The carpets are fully translucent.

Construction instructions

Technical information:

Guardrail system Triangle Bridge®:

  • Available in widths of 2 - 2½ - 3 and 4m
  • No matter what size you want, the Artilan guardrail system guarantees a roof over the entire span of every Artilan work bridge.
  • Can be used on or under the work bridge.
  • Side guards are also available on request.


Shielding of mobile scaffolds:

  • Applicable to all Artilan mobile scaffold towers.
  • Can also be fitted on other common brand-X mobile scaffolds.
  • Easy to handle and transport.


Guarding freestanding:

  • Suitable and convenient for working at ground level.


Artilan has aluminium trusses in various sizes available for use in the theatre world, pop concerts and fashion events, among others. Because of the high-tech look and high-quality finish, the Artilan trusses are also very often used for exhibition stand building and shop fitting.


Type 25 is mainly used in lighting bridges, while type 40 is mainly used for load-bearing structures and for lighting bridges with an extra-large load-bearing capacity.

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