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Quality and safety are of paramount of importance to Artilan. For this reason that our scaffolding material meets the applicable requirements of the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN). See below under “Standards & Certification”. Furthermore, during and after the various processes, the material is checked regularly. Before new Artilan products leaves our factory, the products are again rechecked, inspected and provided with an current inspection sticker and instructions for use.


Artilan offers 7 years warranty on the welding, provided in accordance with regulations and with judicious use.

All our quotations, all orders placed with us and all contracts concluded with us are subject to the General terms and Conditions of Artilan BV, which are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda and registered with the Clerk of the Court of Breda, as replaced by the following according to the latest text laid down therein. Our (further) warranty provisions can be found in the General terms and Conditions of Artilan.

Standards & Certification

Artilan complies with the applicable laws and standards. The scaffolding material conforms, inter alia, EN1004, EN1298, EN12811, AI21 and can be GS certified (the standards can be obtained from the NEN and AI21 can be ordered from SDU).

  • NEN-EN 1004: “Mobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements”. It’s about materials, dimensions, design loads, safety and performe requirements.
  • NEN-EN 1298: “Mobile access and working towers”: Rules and guidelines for thepreparation of an instruction manual.
  • NEN-EN12811: This standard is about temporary works equipment: part 1: scaffolds; the performance requirements and general design.
  • AI21:  Arbo-information sheet: which is about the construction, use, and maintenance of a (mobile) scaffold tower, according to the latest state  of art and applicable local laws and regulations. 
Artilan has an extra certification: GSBau-01064 (working bridges Triangelbrug®).

This means that we use European standards, which you can use in all systems that also conform to these standards!!